Store your digital receipts

Take a picture of your receipt, store it and synchonize the between all your devices. With Spendle you keep your complete personal administration in one place.

Add a photo receipt using the app

Using the Spendle app you can add attachment by taking a picture or share a document with the Spendle app.

Create your digital declaration

Creating your digital declaration is easy. Select your transactions you want to declare and create a declaration report as illustrated below.


  • Store receipts for digital declarations using the declaration report
  • Add documents to your administration via app share extension
  • Store your attachments encryped with your administration password
  • Synchronize between your devices using your Spendle account
  • Store up to 1GB in your Spendle account

Categorize transactions

Categorizing your transactions will give you a much better insight in your income and expenses. Categorizing will take some time to setup initially, but will help you to automate this a much as possible.

Community rules

After importing new transactions in Spendle a summary screen appears as displayed below. By checking the “apply matching community rules” Spendle can assign a category and relation for you automatically based rules shared by others and approved for use. If you want to setup your administration yourself, you can uncheck this feature and create your rules for categorizing.

Transactions categorized automatically

Categorize manually

Uncategorized transaction can be manually assigned as illustrated below.

Create a rule

You can assign categories and relations automatically via action rules. Action rules are executed when new transactions are imported.

  • Via the tab “matches” you can see which transactions will be updated by the rule.
  • All rules can be viewed and updated via menu more → rules.

Split transactions

You can (automatically) split a transaction into multiple categories via the split button on the transaction details or rule details.

Transactions view

In the transactions view you can see all your imported transactions. It is possible to search & filter and make transaction selections to perform actions upon. All the functionality is explained in more detail below.

Transactions view in Spendle on PC

Account filter

Transactions can be filtered on a single account or a list of accounts (profile).

Selecting an account or profile filter

Period filter

By default transactions of the current year are displayed. You can change the active period via the period dropdown or by using the back and forward arrows next to the selected period.

Changing the active period


Via the search button you can search transactions by keyword.

Search transactions by keyword


Using the filter button you can apply a more detailed filter on the transactions as illustrated below.

Selecting transactions

It is possible to select one or multiple transactions and perform an action on that selection. The select mode is activated when you click the icons of a transaction as illustrated below.


Via the action menu it is possible to (de-) select transactions and perform and action on the selection as described below.

AssignAssign a relation, category or account to the selection.
DeleteRemoves the selected transactions after confirmation.
Sum upCreates a summary of the selection displaying total amounts and number of transaction.
ReportCreates a detailed report of the selection. You can choose an available report template to apply.
Excel exportExports the selection to a format which can be used in Excel.

If no selection is made the action is performed on all the transactions in the active filter.

Install Spendle

Install Spendle on your computer, iPhone or Android device as described here:

  1. Visit and install Spendle as webapp. See more information below.
  2. Install the app via de Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone)

Install Spendle as webapp (PWA)

Spendle is developed as a Progressive Web App. A progressive web app (PWA) is a website that looks and behaves like a mobile app. This new technique is best supported on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet browser and Mobile Safari. The installation procedure is illustrated below.

On you PC you will see the install button here.

If you are using a browser without PWA support (like firefox), you can just use Spendle in your browser. Spendle does not work on older browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Import transactions

In Spendle it is possible to import transactions via transaction files, connect to yout bank account via an automatic PSD2 connection or by entering them manually. The possibilities are described and illustrated below.

Import transaction files (CSV / Excel / OFX)

You can drag or upload any transaction CSV, Excel, OFX or QFX file into the import menu in Spendle.

Add a link to your bank import

You ad add a link to your bank environment where you download your transaction files from.

Supported file formats

Transaction file formats differ per bank. When you import a new file Spendle will search in the supported csv, Excel, OFX and QFX formats. If the file format is not yet supported you can define a custom mapping or you send an e-mail to with an example of the file (~3 lines anonimised example) and request to have it have supported.

Create an automatic PSD2 connection to your bank

Via an automatic PSD2 connection to your bank it is possible to import new transactions and balances regularly with one click. For this you need to create a connection via Klarna as described and illustrated below.

Add transactions manually

You can also register income and expenses manualy with the + button of the transactions view as illustrated below.

Add income or expenses manually