Transactions view

In the transactions view you can see all your imported transactions. It is possible to search & filter and make transaction selections to perform actions upon. All the functionality is explained in more detail below.

Transactions view in Spendle on PC

Account filter

Transactions can be filtered on a single account or a list of accounts (profile).

Selecting an account or profile filter

Period filter

By default transactions of the current year are displayed. You can change the active period via the period dropdown or by using the back and forward arrows next to the selected period.

Changing the active period


Via the search button you can search transactions by keyword.

Search transactions by keyword


Using the filter button you can apply a more detailed filter on the transactions as illustrated below.

Selecting transactions

It is possible to select one or multiple transactions and perform an action on that selection. The select mode is activated when you click the icons of a transaction as illustrated below.


Via the action menu it is possible to (de-) select transactions and perform and action on the selection as described below.

AssignAssign a relation, category or account to the selection.
DeleteRemoves the selected transactions after confirmation.
Sum upCreates a summary of the selection displaying total amounts and number of transaction.
ReportCreates a detailed report of the selection. You can choose an available report template to apply.
Excel exportExports the selection to a format which can be used in Excel.

If no selection is made the action is performed on all the transactions in the active filter.