Import transactions

In Spendle it is possible to import transactions via transaction files, connect to yout bank account via an automatic PSD2 connection or by entering them manually. The possibilities are described and illustrated below.

Import transaction files (CSV / Excel / OFX)

You can drag or upload any transaction CSV, Excel, OFX or QFX file into the import menu in Spendle.

Add a link to your bank import

You ad add a link to your bank environment where you download your transaction files from.

Supported file formats

Transaction file formats differ per bank. When you import a new file Spendle will search in the supported csv, Excel, OFX and QFX formats. If the file format is not yet supported you can define a custom mapping or you send an e-mail to with an example of the file (~3 lines anonimised example) and request to have it have supported.

Create an automatic PSD2 connection to your bank

Via an automatic PSD2 connection to your bank it is possible to import new transactions and balances regularly with one click. For this you need to create a connection via Klarna as described and illustrated below.

Add transactions manually

You can also register income and expenses manualy with the + button of the transactions view as illustrated below.

Add income or expenses manually